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DUI and the Duty of Police

Windsor DUI Lawyer

You’re pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence.    Anxiety and panic take over when you realize you are about to be arrested and charged with a DUI.

You wonder what you should and shouldn’t be telling the arresting officer.  You wonder if the police are telling you everything you need to know.   You wonder who you should call first.  Do you have access to a phone?  Do you have a phone number?  How many calls are you allowed to make?

It can be an extremely confusing and frightening situation, especially when you are in a physical state where you may not be in complete control of all of your faculties. The police are asking for more information than they are providing, and how to conduct yourself in such a situation is simply not common knowledge.  In most cases, the police are not about to guide you through this, and this is certainly not a time to turn to them for valuable advice. 

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