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Examples of Critical Factors Brian Ducharme Investigates

Windsor DUI Lawyer

  • Did police immediately inform you of your right to counsel without delay, before administering a breath test?
  • Did you understand your rights as explained to you by the police?  If not, did they provide other means to clarify these rights to you until you fully understood them?
  • Did they explain what a duty counsel is, and your 24 hour access to them?
  • Did police provide you with a telephone, telephone numbers and/or a phone book to contact counsel?
  • Did police refrain from further questioning until you consulted with your lawyer?
  • Did police respect your right privacy when contacting your lawyer?
  • Did police request you provide a breath sample at the police station, and was there any delay in getting there?
  • Was the breath test at the police station conducted within 2 hours of being pulled over?
  • How much time had passed between breath tests?
  • How qualified was the breath technician?
  • Was the breath machine approved and functioning properly?
  • Were there radios or cell phones in the breathalyzer room?
  • Do you suffer from diabetes, or stomach ailments?
  • Were you feeling ill or feverish at the time?

Mr. Ducharme is recognized as a leader in his field and has extensive knowledge of DUI police procedures and case strategies.  Once he takes on your case, he will deal directly with the authorities on your behalf, tipping the scales in your favour to help you win your DUI case.

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