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Why Brian Ducharme Is the DUI Lawyer to Call

Windsor DUI Lawyer

It’s crucial that you exercise your right to call a lawyer when you are placed under arrest and are detained by the police.  It is also vitally important to be cautious with your choice of legal representation.   Hiring a lawyer who specializes in DUI offences is by far the most beneficial choice you can make to greatly increase your chances of an acquittal.

Windsor Lawyer Brian Ducharme specializes in providing skilled representation for people charged with drinking and driving offences.  Throughout his 33 years in practice, he has successfully defended thousands of cases, and handles all aspects of DUI cases in Windsor and throughout Ontario. 

Police conduct is one of several major components that should be examined when fighting and possibly overcoming a DUI charge.  Brian Ducharme is an expert in identifying and uncovering instances of police error or misconduct. 

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